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Eldorado: TU Dortmund Document Repository

What is Eldorado?

Our document repository Eldorado (Elektronisches Dokumenten-, Retrieval- und Archivsystem der TU Dortmund) is an electronic platform for academic publications of TU Dortmund students and staff.)

Eldorado is a collaborative service provided by the ITMC and Dortmund University Library. Eldorado offers academic online resources for teaching and research, and it ensures long-term preservation of these electronic materials. All documents published in Eldorado receive a persistent identifier so that they are retrievable and can be indexed by library catalogues, search engines and other retrieval tools like the Digital Library NRW (DigiBib). Our publication server is run in accordance with international projects such as the Open Archives Initiative (OAI).

Full texts as well as metadata of electronic resources published on Eldorado are searchable. Additionally, individual communities and collections can be browsed. You can set up a personalised profile to stay informed of new publications in your preferred communities or collections.

Electronic Theses

Eldorado document and publication server is eminently suited to electronic publication of theses. There are many advantages to publishing your thesis on Eldorado: Eldorado facilitates access to and dissemination of your thesis and ensures its long-term preservation. Your thesis will be indexed and retrievable from all over the world. It is an inexpensive way to publish, and your thesis will be available without delay. How to deposit your doctoral thesis

Electronic Publications of TU Dortmund Faculties and Institutions

You can also publish serial publications on Eldorado. Chairs and faculties of TU Dortmund can have an individualised access to publish directly on Eldorado. Please contact our Eldorado team, we will be happy to set up your individualised access.

To Eldorado document repository

Submit documents: Gudrun Hartmann, Central Library, room 124, telephone: 0231 755 4021
Technical support and administration: Claudia Jürgen, Central Library, room 122, telephone: 0231 755 4043
Technical support and administration: Bernadette Schlonsok, IT and Media Centre, multi-storey building V, room 228, telephone 0231 755 2772
Conceptual design: Norbert Gövert, Central Library, room 104, telephone: 0231 755 4051