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Contact: Dipl.-Math. Hans-Georg Becker

Subject Guide Computer Science

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Locations, catalogues, bibliographies and reference works on computer science at the University Library

Locations of Books in Dortmund University Library

  • Central library:
    Books (borrowable): Shelf mark Sn (3rd floor)
    Text books (borrowable for students only): L Sr (Ground floor)
    Reference library (not borrowable): HB 19 (2nd floor)
    Dortmund theses (borrowable): DissDo (Basic level 2)
    If you want to search for Dortmund theses in computer science, go to the advanced search in our catalogue and enter dissdo* in Shelf mark and fb 04 in Subject heading
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Catalogues in Dortmund University Library

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Printed Bibliographies and Reference Works on Computer Science

Bibliographies and reference works can be found

  • in the Central library: shelf mark HB 19 A