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How to Deposit your Doctoral Thesis


All dissertations and postdoctoral theses produced at the TU Dortmund must be submitted to the Department for Information Literacy and Publication Support in the Central Library, room 124, first floor. To comply with the legal deposit and publication regulations, you have to hand in deposit copies of your doctoral thesis after the oral examination. If the department is not manned, you may also hand in your thesis at the Service Centre during business hours. Your documents will then be forwarded for processing. You can of course make an appointment with the competent department for the deposit of your thesis. Please contact 0231 755 4054. If you want to send your thesis by mail please contact us in advance.

Publication regulations and legal deposit regulations are set down in the Doctoral Degree Regulations (Promotionsordnungen) of the faculties. The number of deposit copies stipulated in the Promotionsordnungen varies depending on the publication form. The doctoral degree regulations are available at the Dean's Office (Dekanat) of your faculty or online on our Eldorado document repository.

After you have submitted your deposit copies, we will send a receipt to the Dean's Office (Dekanat) / Doctoral Examination Board (Promotionsausschuss). On receipt of our confirmation, the faculty will issue your doctoral diploma.

Printed Theses

One copy of your thesis will be shelved under 'DissDo' at the Central Library. We also send two deposit copies to the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) in Leipzig unless the publisher has already submitted the dissertation or this is unnecessary in case of an electronic publication. (in accordance with the Statutes of the German National Library and its Legal Deposit Directive). Other copies will be used for book exchanges with other university libraries.
If your thesis is published with a publishing company, you have to provide written confirmation by your publisher confirming the required minimum edition size of 150 copies.

Electronic Theses

All Doctoral Degree Regulations (Promotionsordnungen) of TU Dortmund allow for an electronic publication of doctoral theses.

What we need for the electronic publication of your thesis:

What happens after you have deposited your thesis:

If you have any questions about publishing your thesis, consult our Department for Information Literacy and Publication Support, who will be happy to help you.