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North Campus
Emil-Figge-Str. 50, 1st floor
Room 1.405-1.505, staircase C/D

Map of the site / layout shelf marks in the Emil-Figge-Bibliothek

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm



Petra Grötsch Room: EF 50, C 1.317
Telephone: +49 231 755 2956

Cordula Grohmann Room: EF 50, C 1.318
Telephone: +49 231 755 7982

Katrin Prohl-Haarmann Room: EF 50, D 1.407
Telephone: +49 231 755 2858

Sinje Stiepelmann Room: EF 50, D 1.406
Telephone: +49 231 755 2802

Our Service:

During Opening Hours

  • borrowing and returning items
  • reserved items or book suggestions can be collected from the reservations shelf "Reservierte Medien"
  • learning places
  • one overhead scanner for free
  • research workstations
  • quiet working atmosphere
  • 2 rooms for group work with 10 seats each (book room 1.315 and 1.316 via our booking system)
  • working room for students with disabilities - reservation (if not requested: room for group work equipped with 10 seats)
  • use of books and journals in the library

Only during Business Hours

Monday to Friday from 8am to 3.30pm

  • reference staff
  • issue of items from special collections
  • issue of items from the media storage
  • collection of books for professorial chairs
  • issue of items from recalls or book suggestions
  • handing out keycards for lockers for study material
  • payment by cash card, credit card or mobile payment
  • guided tours by request


Emil-Figge-Str. 50
44227 Dortmund

Telephone: 0231/755-4070

Reserve Book Collections:

Subjects and contact persons:

Specialised research for students with disabilities: learning in individual sessions how to do literature search for your assignments, essays, bachelor's/master's/doctoral theses etc., provided by our subject librarians.

We like to help you with your researches and look forward to seeing you in the Library!